Some fantastic Plus Size pieces at eShakti-

With a size range from 0-26, custom sizing for a mere $7.50…. it looks like they are really stepping up their game. The colors in their fall palette are simply delicious. Beautiful jewel tones in purples, blues and green…definitely a great way to step out of browns, blacks and grays this upcoming fall season. I only have one piece from eShakti (see review here), but after seeing how well it washed, I’m definitely going to grab a few more of their dresses. They also offer pants and tops as well, but I think they do amazing things with their selection of dresses. You definitely won’t see anyone else wearing what you have with eShakti…well unless of course you are a blogger, we sometimes tend to like the same things.  

I hear there’s a 10% off discount code (type in nikstarr123 during checkout) so definitely worth checking this out 🙂

4 responses to “Some fantastic Plus Size pieces at eShakti-

  1. Hey thank you for the coupon and yes they have a really wide variety ! I loved their products. 😀

    Also the quality was great.


  2. Thanks for the coupon code 🙂 i loved the dress. It is awesome !


  3. eShakti tempted me for a long time, and that’s when I decided to give them a thorough checking out! Custom sizing isn’t something that many plus-sized women are used to, and this brand provides careful shaping and grading for virtually any size

  4. Since many of the pieces offered from eShakti are unique, and theyve become showcase selections in my wardrobe.

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